Bhagwad Geeta 2.11

A bit of Intro:

Bhagwad Geeta is a conversation between Lord Krishna and Arjun in the middle of a battlefield at Kurukshetra, now in Haryana. The war in Mahabharat is described as a war of dharma, meaning a war of righteousness. The war wasn’t fought out of bitterness but because it was inevitable. The war took place sometime around 3150 BCE (about 5000 years ago). In the war Arjun is supposed to be a leading warrior. However when the war starts he is in a way shocked to see that he would be fighting against his cousins, elder relatives and teachers. He refuses to fight saying that his dharma (righteousness) forbids him from killing them. He says a lot of stuff to Krishna that he would give up arms and become a hermit and all that. He is confused. The first chapter and the first few verses generally involve Arjun crying. Usually the trick to reading the geeta is to start from the 2nd chapter verse 11.


sri-bhagavan uvaca
asocyan anvasocas tvam
prajna-vadams ca bhasase
gatasun agatasums ca
nanusocanti panditah

The Blessed Lord said

You have been mourning for those who should not be mourned for. Yet you speak words of wisdom. The truly wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead.


Whatever Krishna says starts from the basic assumption that Arjun knows that life is immortal. This is the basic assumption of any spiritual text of ancient India. Life is immortal. We just die and are born continuously over the lifetimes. The goal of life is to understand our true nature. The enlightened people are those who know what our true nature is and according to them we are just the soul, the atma, bramhan, love. All these words are synonymous. When we actually understand this then we are liberated from the cycle of life and death. But until then, we have no choice but to keep coming back. And hence Krishna tells Arjun that there is no point in crying for the living or the dead. One must also remember that while we read this we are all Arjun. Many times we find ourselves crying for our fate or for the fate of our near ones. “Why does this happen to me? What wrong did I do?” One must remember that we are all living according to our karma. Krishna in this mocks Arjun saying that you talk like a wise man in saying that you cannot fight with your relatives and that it is against your dharma but then you forget what is the actual truth. The actual truth is that those, for whom you are crying for, will not die.

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I don’t know if I have understood the word सच्छिदानन्द्  correctly.

I think its a mixture of sat-chit-anand. It is, they say, my very nature..eternally blissful. Trick is very simple: Know your self. Have started reading Bhagwadgita. It’s so profound. Perhaps it will help me realize who I really am.

As of now, I know I am not this body. I am not this this mind. I am not this intellect nor am I this ego (Vikrant). But I don’t know who I really am.

P.S.: A small trick to reading Bhagwadgeeta: Start from Chapter 2, verse 11. 🙂

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The journey from Head to Heart has begun

ॐ नमः  प्रणवार्थाय शुद्ध ग्यानेक  मूर्तये।

निर्मलय प्रशान्ताय दक्षिणमुर्तये नमः।

(Will correct the gramatics of the above shloka once I am comfortable with sanskrit typing.)

I have no idea why I am starting this blog. I already own a blog which is almost turning into a ghost blog. I guess it’s more of a progress report about my path on the spiritual journey. There are many well-wishers and of course my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

I have been experiencing unimaginable miseries of late. I have had some “not-so-good” arguments with people I love. The mind rebels if it comes from someone I am not close to and if it comes from someone I love, it just falls by the side, crying.

Guruji has already said, “Do not be a football of others opinions and definitely not of your own emotions.” And I am doing just that. Not a great progress.

Right now I am hurt but I know I will be fine soon. Never knew I could be stifling someone so much that I have been asked not to communicate. I guess I will have to live with it. Sometimes I feel someone else is at fault. In fact I end up branding that person the culprit only to realize that it could be me who’s at fault.

Heard it from a brilliant teacher. Time is not a healer. It is the self which heals itself. Simply because the Self is “सच्चिदानन्द ” It’s nature is bliss and always happy. That of course is the final goal on a spiritual path. I hope to know my self in this life time.

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